Bone Broth For Better Living.

Our mission is to make living healthy easier, enjoyable and more convenient. We accomplish this by delivering the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world.

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A note from the founders

Hey there - We're Justin and Nick. Two brothers and co-founders of Kettle & Fire. We're both big believers in nutrition being one of the highest ways to improve your life. So when starting Kettle & Fire we asked ourselves, "What if eating well was magically effortless?"

As much as we'd all love to hire 5-star personal chefs, we knew that wasn't possible. So we did the next best thing. We created Kettle & Fire, the first bone broth company that doesn't cut any corners on quality or flavor. Everything from using clean ingredients, our production process, and the packaging, our bone broth is thoughtfully designed with your health in mind.

Enjoy! - Justin and Nick

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Unique source of nutrients you won't find anywhere else

Kettle & Fire provides sippable support to balance your body's natural functions. Through our slow-simmering process, we extract special nutrients from our bones that aren't found in other whole foods. Anti-inflammatory agents for digestion and mobility. Collagen for glowing skin. Glycine for calmness and peace of mind. The list goes on and on. It's all-in-one nutrition your body needs to thrive.

Made with only clean ingredients you can trust

We're committed to high-quality standards for every product we make. If a highly educated health fanatic wouldn't eat it, it doesn't belong in our bone broth. Each ingredient is carefully inspected for quality. All our bones are sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle and organically raised chickens. Nothing artificial, No B.S. Only the good stuff.

Mouthwatering flavors that you'll actually love eating

At Kettle & Fire, we're all clean-living health nuts, but we also LOVE great tasting food. That's why each product we make has to taste amazing. Each recipe is meticulously crafted to ensure the best flavor possible and our world-class chef goes through 30+ versions to get it perfect. It's the taste of a cheat meal that satisfies the strictest dietary standards. So you can enjoy again and again.

The convenience of takeout, ready to eat in just one minute

Get peace of mind in having easily accessible nutrition on hand. Our broths are designed for busy lifestyles and are ready to eat in only one minute. With zero meal-prep. You can also safely store Kettle & Fire for up to 2 years. That way you can indulge any time at your convenience.

What our customers say

See why 1.4 million customers trust Kettle & Fire.

"It's a no-brainer that I'll drink one ever day. Tastes great, makes me and my gut feel good, and something I look forward to when I come home from work."

Bernice V.
Verifed Customer

"Amazing nutrition that I feel great eating for my optimal health and I am grateful for how convenient it is to use this amazing stuff!"

Stephanie R.
Verified Customer

"It's my #1 top comfort food. I love it when I'm sick, I love it when I'm well -- it is such a good source of nutrition for my body and overall well-being!"

Jana R.
Verified Customer

Bone Broth for Better Living

With thousands of 5-star reviews, high praise from health & wellness experts, and a commitment to creating the best bone broth, it's no surprise that millions trust Kettle & Fire. This is bone broth for better living.

Digestion & Gut Health

Joint Mobility & Recovery

Immune Function


Weight Management

Restrictive Dieting

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